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QANBA Obsidian Conversion PLEXI / METAL SUPPORT Bottom Kit for NOIR Layout [CHOOSE TYPE]

New Addition:  35mm cut out for joystick collar plexi and metal plate which will allow you to install the Crown CWL-309 ver.Helpme as well as other Korean levers that have the 35mm collar diameter
Suggested Accessory:  309MJ Mounting Plate

If you want to mount the Helpme joystick to this kit as the stock plate on the Helpme does not line up with the metal Noir panel.  This mounting plate will resolve this issue

The Qanba Obsidian arcade stick comes stock with the VEWLIX joystick and button layout, which is widely used in many more modern Japanese cabinets and arcade controllers today

For certain arcade sticks, such as those by Hori's RAP N and Fighting Edge, the Noir layout was standard on those sticks, which allows all the top and bottom four buttons to reach with your hands a bit easier.  Like anything else, the button layout is a personal preference and it's whatever is easier for you to execute your moves.

The plexi is clear white.  The blue you see in the pic is from the protective film, which you will need to remove

For the screws, you would simply use the same screws from the VEWLIX layout panel that is stock in your current Obsidian

We'll have an photo or video with step by step instructions once we get this in our hands

Important:  We are only offering these as a kit.  Choose either 6 or 8 button plexi panel.  The metal panel (8-button cut ONLY) will be bundled automatically


1) Select either 6 or 8 Button NOIR Panel  (Click on ADD TO CART)

2) Download the Template (Qanba Obsidian Noir) and apply art as instructed (USE OUR TEMPLATE ONLY - If you use another template, we CANNOT print it and you'll have to redo it)

3) Once you have done this, click on the ARTWORK box (with the Panel Type), upload the artwork and then click on ADD TO CART

Quick Link:

(+$ 45.00 to Add Your Custom Artwork )
Qanba Obsidian Noir

$ 49.00