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Qanba's Obsidian Arcade Stick has had an incredible run during it's release.   During the Sony PS4 era, the Obsidian was the most widely recognized and probably used arcade controller between consumer and pro players.   With the volume of Obsidian controllers out in the market, ARCADESHOCK produced many accessories that allow you to mod it different levels, inside and out

From time to time, many of our clients have asked us "What is the most ridiculous mod you've done either for yourselves or for other customers?"   Our Madd Modders have done some mods that most would not do, but then again, there's always that person that wants the best of the best, with no limits

To give the Obsidian a proper send off, our Madd Modders wanted to do what we would say call a "Super Mod" or you may say is simply a ridiculous mod.   Both terms would be accurate as we went all out on this mod, regardless of price.  Only one sample of each button layout has been made and will ever be made

Check out the custom mods here:

Performance Mods

  • EZ Mod with Brook UFB Fusion PCB - Compatible with PS3/4/5/Xbox360/S/X/Switch/WIIU/PC
  • Otto V5 Kit
  • Otto Steel Core
  • Qanba KS Mechanical Pushbuttons

Aesthetic / Body Mods

  • High Grade Carbon Fiber Control Panel 
  • Black Side Panel / Front Trim Blackout Kit
  • Phreakmods The Link EX Groove Titanium Edition
  • Seimitsu Maziora Nobi Bullet Top
  • EX Gear Aluminum Dust Cover
  • EX Gear Braided USB Cable

 So here is the cost breakdown just for the controller and parts (labor not included):

  1. Qanba Obsidian Arcade Stick $200
  2. EZ Mod Kit $165
  3. Otto Pre-Assembled $62
  4. Otto Steel Core $22
  5. Qanba KS Pushbuttons $42
  6. Carbon Fiber Panel $70
  7. Black Out Side Panel / Trim Kit $80
  8. Phreakmods Titanium EX Link $55
  9. Seimitsu Maziora Bullet Top $45
  10. EX Gear Dust Cover $6
  11. Braided USB Cable $20

Parts total $767.00

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$ 860.00