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QANBA Mineral Series Balltop [CHOOSE TYPE]

NOW AVAILABLE as an individual purchase:  Blue and Violet-Red.  These were previously only available as part of the Qanba Gravity Joystick kit

With the introduction of Qanba's new Gravity Silent Joysticks, Qanba has unveiled a new lineup of custom balltops.   They call it the Mineral series as they have a unique finish to them

Premium Finish

The finishes on these balltops are really nice.  These have a luster and finish that one can compare to those found on higher quality bowling balls.  Even the standard solid red and green finishes have a luster to them that separates them for everything else found on the market

These are standard 35mm balltops which use the M6 thread that is standard to fit on all of the joysticks that we carry in our store (those that have a removable top)

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$ 7.95