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QANBA Gravity Silent Joystick [CHOOSE TYPE]

OMRON Version Update:  The current Gravity Silent stick with Omron switches uses an updated switch that is more precise and faster upon activation

Qanba in recent years has been recognized in increasing their market share with their popular line of arcade stick controllers, most notably, their Qanba Obsidian, Pearl and Dragon which still remains their main focus.  In recent years, their research and development team have been working toward designing and producing higher quality parts for their controllers.  Most recently, in 2021, Qanba released their mechanical pushbutton, the Gravity which has been extremely popular and has made a huge impact on increasing their presence in the parts industry

During the same period, Qanba was working on making their own custom joystick, one that is silent in particular as this sector of the market as there has been a higher interest from both professional and casual gamers for this

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What's interesting here is Qanba developed two joysticks using two different types of switches.  One is from Omron which is the silent linear switch found in their Gravity pushbuttons.  The other type are switches from Cherry MX Grey.   Both of these switches features noiseless feedback, which is the main intention

Easy Installation

The mounting plate on the Qanba Gravity Silent joystick is the same dimensions as Sanwa Denshi's JLF series.   This ensures easy installation on hundreds of thousands of arcade sticks that currently use the Sanwa Denshi JLF joystick

What's Included

  • Custom Tin Case
  • Custom Balltop
  • Square and Circle Gate
  • 5-pin Harness (One end with connector, one end bare)
  • Dust and Shaft Cover (Black)


OMRON Grey Linear (Latest Model JOV8S)

  • 45 cN Operating Force
  • 1.5 mm Pre-Travel
  • 3.2 mm Total Travel
  • Linear Silent (Non-Click)

Cherry MX Grey

  • 80 cN Operating Force
  • 2.0 mm Pre-Travel
  • 4.0 mm Total Travel
  • No Click

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$ 44.95