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If you've followed us through the years you've seen how the products have evolved, from both the aesthetic and performance factors.   Ideas and concepts are great, but to us the mission is to accomplish them to practical and commercially available products.  More importantly, it's about continuing to develop different products that aren't offered currently


For the past few years, we've researched the best method of bringing a new aesthetic to control panel artwork market.   Different materials have been used to produce control panel artwork as we've seen the market standard of printing artwork under clear plexi, printing to the underside of the plexi and one of our creations (in collaboration with SoCal Signcraft), using car wrap material to apply to plexi.  What hasn't been done though in this FGC market is artwork that lights up, we'll not at least in it's entirety

The EL difference of light.  We've seen custom mods from various controllers that use LED to backlight the artwork, this works, but there are limitations as  to what you can do.  With EL your entire control panel can illuminate or you can choose specifically which areas to light up, with precision as the EL film itself is directly placed behind it.  Additionally, since the EL film is thin, it can be retrofitted into any controller that has replaceable custom artwork under clear plexi.  LED's are thick so would work only in custom applications and because of their size, placing multiple LED's behind the artwork that you would want to illuminate causes what is known as "blooming"  or "clouding" around the edges.  To simply put it, to do backlit control artwork properly, Electro Luminescence is the only option


  • ASTRO CITY LIGHTS VERSION 2 (dynamic lighting) with stock SILVER side panels and front trim
  • EVO with custom painted blue side and front trim kit (with illuminating VEGAS LIGHTS Mode)
All parts, joystick, pushbuttons and balltop are Sanwa Denshi for the Astro City.  The EVO has all Sanwa Denshi parts as well except for the balltop which is a metal balltop in a silver finish by Qanba


    $ 409.98