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QANBA CIRCLE GATE (Perfect fit w/Sanwa Denshi and Qanba Joysticks)

Most gates on stock joysticks are square.  For certain game and styles, this works well for some players, but for those who prefer or have been used to the circular gates the American joysticks offered, we have a gate for you. 

These are Qanba one piece circle gates. We emphasize 'one piece' as a single mold provides more stability and accurate joystick motions due to minimizing vibration.  Some gates are constructed of a two piece design where if you wiggle the center piece, imperfect motions are inevitable because of this. 

As noted in the product title, this fits the following joysticks:

  • Qanba branded joysticks found in their Q2 and Crystal Fight Sticks
  • Sanwa Denshi JLF Series (non-silent) Models Include: JLF-TP-8YT-SK, JLF-TP-8S-SK

The length and width of this unit perfectly fits Sanwa Denshi's JLF-TP-8YT-SK metal plate.

Sample image of circle gate with Sanwa Denshi JLF-TP-8YT-SK joystick (not included).

We also have an Octagate variant.

$ 4.25