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Power Stone 2 Naomi Kit (Brand New)

This is one of the rarest Naomi games produced according to Capcom Coin-Op. 4-Player Simultaneous 3-D Fighting Action by Capcom brings you some pretty insane battles. 

Complete kit:

  • Naomi Motherboard (w/L-brackets for surface mounting)
  • Capcom I/O Board (with all required cables)
  • Kick Harness (to allow 3rd and 4th player controls)
  • 4 Sets of Joysticks/Buttons
  • Power Stone 2 Cartridge
  • Manual for Power Stone 2 
  • Manual for Naomi Service
  • Move stickers for Power Stone 2
  • Large Marquee for Power Stone 2
  • Joystick Overlays (Official PS2) Set of 4
  • Official Capcom Control Panel Overlay (Gray w/Capcom logos imprint)
  • Capcom Logo Stickers


$ 1,799.99