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OTTO DIY V2 Plus Korean Lever Pre-Assembled Mod


The possibilities are endless with the OTTO DIY joystick eco-system

At Arcadeshock we have carefully crafted pre-assembled OTTO DIY builds that perfectly showcases the different setups you can do with OTTO joysticks. The OTTO V2 PLUS "K-Lever" Build features curated selection of parts that brings another way to experience Korean-style Levers

The "OTTO PLUS" body is based on using long-hinge switches similar to most Korean Levers and Seimitsu joysticks. It is made with the same robust material OTTO is known for and includes two grommets, three actuators and two gates to choose from

This special build is installed with the V2 grommet system, but is enhanced by a Custom V2 Spacer that eliminates the use of springs. This locates all the tension to the grommet only, which brings it up to spec with K-Lever performance

Choose from two microswitch setups - heavier Gersung switches, or softer OMRON switches. It also features an eye catching "Flame Treated" Titanium Shaft for that extra flair. The OTTO V2 Plus "K-Lever" builds are equipped with JLF-style Mounting plate, this allows for the most compatible installation for most control panels

Expand even more with options like the V2 Grommet Kit (Sold Separately)[hyperlink to grommet kit] and various Bat-Tops, Bullet Tops and Balltops to truly tweak to its optimal performance

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$ 69.95