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OTTO DIY Replacement Stainless Steel V4 Core for V5 Kit (HAYABUSA TYPE)

The Otto JLF Upgrade Mod continues with the Stainless Steel Core.   The V4 Steel Core is designed to emulate the feel of the Hori Hayabusa lever on your Sanwa Denshi JLF/JLX joystick.   Hori's core design was made to have less points of contact, therefore, less friction for a faster response.   With the stainless steel core as the main material used, this would provide smoother and faster response as the friction is less apparent

OTTO DIY upgrade kits has continued to make a positive impact on providing smoother and more accurate motions to Sanwa Denshi JLF joysticks with the quality replacement parts it offers.  This is done by using the teflon material to provide smoother motions without the use of any lubricant which is required in the stock joystick

Buttery Smooth Motions

When replacing the stock Sanwa Denshi JLF parts with OTTO DIY V5's, you immediately notice the improvements, mainly in how defined the motions are, all without the need for any lubrication, which is one of it's main benefits

Smooth, you say?  Replace the stock "core" piece from your current OTTO DIY V5 kit with this stainless steel upgrade and go from smooth to buttery smooth.  It is an instant and noticeable difference.  


NOTE: We only recommend using this in conjunction with the stock teflon pivot that comes with the OTTO DIY V5 Kit.  We understand there are 3rd party stainless steel pivots out there, which we do not recommend using this with as it can cause damage to the core or pivot itself.  You are welcome to try this out yourself, however, we will not be offering any refunds in this case

Use the stock "pivot" from the OTTO DIY V5 kit and replace the stock "core" piece with this and you're set.  Buttery smooth operation without any use of grease

Second pic shown with stock OTTO V5 Pivot (not included)

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