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OTTO DIY Octogate for V1 / V2 / V5 Kits

Otto DIY Kits have been on the market for a few years now and ever since it's released, the reception has been all positive.  The Otto DIY Kits focused on improving the motion and accuracy of the stock Sanwa Denshi JLF series joysticks by replacing all the parts sans the pcb assembly board with joystick microswitches, the shaft and the base plate itself

The only piece that seemed to be missing out of the Otto DIY kit was an octogate option.  The V1/V2 and V5 came with what they call the BYF (Rounded Gate) and the FD (Square Gate) options. 

Well, it's finally here, the Otto BJ or simply known as the Octogate.  Made out of nylon material, this is a unibody construction (not a two piece) that provides more smoother corners (compared to the Sanwa Denshi GT-Y) for more fluid motions

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$ 8.50