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OMRON White (Tactile) Mechanical Switch for Qanba Gravity Pushbutton

The initial launch of Qanba's Gravity pushbutton included the Omron Grey switch which provides a linear motion.   Available now is the tactile version which provides the same exact specifications as the white switch, except with a different feel

Please watch the breakdown video here to swap out the switch or add the optional foam pad.  These switches already come with the .110 connectors soldered on, so it's a simple swap out which takes under a minute to do so

Omron White Mechanical Switch Specifications

  • Custom Omron White Mechanical Switch with .110 connectors
  • Tactile Motion
  • Fluid and Smooth Feedback
  • 70,000,000 Cycle Life Span
  • 45 cN
  • Actuation Distance 1.5mm
  • Total Travel: 3.2mm
  • Body of the Gravity Pushbutton serves as a "wrench" so you can easily grasp onto this and twist it (instead of the nut portion) for easier install
  • Add Optional Silencer Pad for even quieter operation

Quick Link:

$ 1.75