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Marvel vs Capcom 2 Custom Acrylic Artwork for Hori or Razer [SEE OPTIONS]

Marvel vs Capcom 2: The Mash Brothers Collection

Marvel vs Capcom 2 is 20 years old this year.  This is one of the Capcom classic gems that have not only aged well, but is still played competitively to this day

We decided to pay tribute to Marvel vs Capcom 2 20th anniversary by making a run of only 12 limited edition Marvel vs Capcom 2 arcade sticks.  To truly display the artwork in grand fashion, we chose Hori's Fighting Edge as it has the most surface area we could work with to display the artwork in grand fashion.  Using our custom Layers wrapping printing and wrapping technique, the artwork spans on both the control panel as well as the wrist rest area

For those who appreciate the artwork, but already own either the Hori Fighting Edge or the Razer Panthera, we made a limited edition plexi version using the underprint method where the artwork is applied to the underside of the plexi.  This provides vibrant colors with no chance of dust getting in between the plexi and art as well as providing the most vibrant colors possible.  The result?  See pics for yourself

Choose Fully Layered Arcade Stick or Plexi Replacement Panel

  • ARCADESTICK [SOLD OUT] - Hori Fighting Edge - Custom Print / Artwork Wrap
  • UNDERPRINT Plexi Replacement Panel - Hori Fighting Edge (Arcade stick not included)
  • UNDERPRINT Plexi Replacement Panel - Razer Panthera (comes with custom screws) (Arcade stick not included) - For the installation of the Razer Panel follow this guide - Installation Guide PDF for Razer Panthera Top Panel (Plexi or High Grade Aluminum)

Design by @hibachifinal

$ 38.00