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Linn Kurosawa (Alien vs. Predator) Original Poster

This poster is a special piece specifically drawn and colored for SNK-CAPCOM.COM.  Originally, this poster was only given out to forum members only who had to pre-qualify to receive them.  In other words, a lot of work had to be put into participation before having to chance to grab one of these. 
History behind Linn Kurosawa (A vs. P Poster):
  • Drawn/Created for
  • Line Artist (and Concept): Susan Luo (Linn Kurosawa, Tunnel)
  • Supporting Line Artist/Backgrounds: Danimation  (Aliens, Lighting Effects)
  • Colorist: Danimation
  • HUGE 24 x 36 Inch in Size, using only the best heavy weight Matte Paper Stock

$ 25.00

$ 16.00