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IST Knee Lever

Note:  For all of our K-Levers we inspect them for parts completeness before shipping them out.  The Knee Lever set is shipped to us sealed.  We will always break this seal to inspect them.  If this is an issue for you for any reason, please do not purchase this as no refunds will be provided.  

Back in early 2019, South Korea’s most popular Tekken player Knee has been testing his own signature lever in collaboration with IST. With feedback from both Knee and team member Chanel, it’s now finally available for players to try out

The Knee Lever features an black anodized shaft. Unlike most levers measured at 9mm in diameter, the shaft is at 7.25mm. This results in longer travel from neutral to the edge of the flat restriction collar. To provide balanced cardinal and diagonal inputs, the shaft is accompanied by a red 15.5mm actuator interacting with  OMRON V-152-3A5 switches. For tension, it uses a special version of IST’s 35A grommet that has soft tension but allows for relatively faster return to neutral found in heavier models

Visually, the Knee Lever is unique from many other Korean levers on the market.  To match the top, the hybrid Japanese/Korean hybrid mounting plate is also given the red aesthetic featuring both ROX Dragons and IST logos

If you need to tighten your top or replace it, a spanner wrench is included in every Knee lever. The top end of the shaft has enough clearance for the wrench to go through easily

What's Included?

  • IST-69S-B KNEE Lever Body
  • OMRON V-152-3A5 Switches (our version uses these switches, not Kailh)
  • Anodized Aluminum Black 7.25mm Shaft
  • Revised Red 15.5mm Actuator
  • IST 35A Knee Lever Edition Rubber Tension Grommet
  • Spanner Wrench For Shaft


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$ 69.95