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IST Alpha N Joystick [Choose battop Color]

The Alpha 49S lever is one of IST’s marquee levers. While the core body is designed to be made under a certain specification, the manufacturing process can lead to errors such as inaccurate thickness, warping, and other blemishes. These issues can affect the performance of the lever.

IST looked to make sure the Alpha 49S fits the specs as closely as possible. The result is the Alpha Lever N. Instead of using plastic mold injection when creating the body, IST opted to utilize precise machine processing to accurately shape the piece. This results in being over or under 0.01mm different from the body when it was designed.

Since it’s based on the Alpha 49S, it will feature the same parts. Along with the 7.25mm shaft and OMRON V-152-3A5 switches, every Alpha Lever N gets both a 15.5mm and 15.3mm actuator as well as IST’s own 35A tension grommet.

What's Included

  • IST Alpha Lever N
  • OMRON V-152-3A5 Switches (our version uses these switches, not Kailh)
  • 15.5mm and 15.3mm Actuators
  • Choose between transparent Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, or Smoke Green  replaceable battops
  • IST 35A Tension Grommet

Note: You will need the .187 to 5-pin harness if you do not have one already to use with stock arcade sticks from Hori, Qanba, Mad Catz, Razer

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$ 69.95