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IST Alpha 49S Joystick [Choose Battop Color]

The core of premium parts in 49S serves as a basis for IST’s signature Knee lever, but without the ROX Dragons branding on the mounting plate and bat top, the colored aluminum shaft and actuator, and a uniquely designed tension grommet.

IST's own lever. It's more or less their own take on making their own Myoungshin Fanta lever but for arcade sticks using a Japanese mounting system.

Korean parts company IST took the plunge with their own Korean levers with the Alpha series of levers.

The Alpha 49S lever features a 7.25mm shaft, different from 9mm shafts found on other levers. This makes travel from neutral to the edge of the full cut collar slightly larger. Despite the collar being at flat level, IST optimized it to allow very similar fluidity found in normal and partially cut collars as well as work on slimmer arcade sticks.

The bottom portion of the 49S, optimized by player feedback in Korea, bears OMRON V-152-3A5 switches with a 15.5mm actuator. The lever also features a 30A tension grommet and a Crown clear bat top.

What's Included
  • IST Alpha 49S Lever
  • OMRON V-152-3A5 Switches (our version uses these switches, not Kailh)
  • 15.5mm Actuator
  • Choose between transparent Red, Blue, or Smoke Green replaceable battops
  • IST 30A Tension Grommet

Note: You will need the .187 to 5-pin harness if you do not have one already to use with stock arcade sticks from Hori, Qanba, Mad Catz, Razer

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$ 49.95