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The Original American Joystick

The high quality joystick back in the early 80 and 90's were distributed by a company based in the USA, HAPP Controls, which these they called the Competition joystick.  Many of those who didn't follow the industry may not know that IL or Industrias Lorenzo was their actual supplier.   With the arcade industry changing rapidly in the late 90's and early 2000's, Happ Controls later merged with Suzo, which became Suzo-Happ

With this, Michael Happ, the owner of Happ Controls decided to increase margins and move their production from IL (in Spain) to a different supplier in China.  While the margins increased, the quality of the Happ Competition joystick declined.   Today, the Eurojoystick by IL is the original high quality Happ Competition joystick that uses the Cherry switches in addition to the better build quality and reliability

If you want the original American style joystick, this is it.  There are no other options in terms of quality for this type of joystick

NOTE:  These joysticks do NOT fit in Arcade1Up cabinets natively.  The screw holes for the Arcade1Up cabinets are meant for the Japanese levers, specifically, the Sanwa Denshi JLF series (flat) mounting plate.  You can make this work, but will have to modify the screw hole positioning and may have the top of the screw head exposed. 

$ 17.95