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Hori PS4 | PS3 | PC Fighting Commander (Latest Model)

For those who prefer pads for their fighting game needs, there aren't many choices and the ones that are out there, well, most prefer the old school pads.  This is okay for some, but normally it requires a converter to play on the newer systems. 

Hori though, has consistently supported pad players throughout all the systems.  Generally, there is only one design throughout the life of a system, but Hori went back to the drawing board and revamped their ultra popular Fighting Commander for good measure. 

The former Fighting Commander 4 had a knob that allowed you to use the D-Pad at different angles, which was a great feature for some players, but they found this function mostly unnecessary for the majority of players and took the feature out completely.

The result? A more robust and clean Fighting Commander that cuts on the frills and focuses on the simplicity and performance.  


  • Officially LIcensed by SCEA
  • Compatible with both Playstation 4 and Playstation 3
  • PC Compatible with X-Input (works with SFV on PC)
  • R/L toggle switch, 6-button layout and Turbo functions
  • Wired controller ideal for fighting games

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$ 39.98