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Hori Hayabusa Matte Pushbutton (30mm)

While Hori has been known for designing and constructing some of the best controllers over the past few decades, they are still experimenting with the parts for them.  In only their second attempt at making a pushbutton, the Hayabusa is a huge improvement to their first generation Kuro pushbutton. 

The Hayabusa is a short throw, matte pushbutton.  The benefit of a short throw is none other than having a quicker activation on press, but more importantly, quicker activation when pressing from one button to the next for those more complex single frame combos. 

Hori took it a step further and changed the texture to a matte surface.  Every pushbutton up to this point has a gloss coat on them, including their first generation Kuro pushbutton.  One of the main issues we found with the Kuro pushbutton was it's sharp edges.  This type of pushbutton would pose more of a problem to those who mash (slide their hands across the pushbuttons).  The Hayabusa sports rounded edges and the matte surface allows the user to mash comfortably. 

Currently, these pushbuttons are only offered on HRAP4 Kai Fightsticks and are not sold separately.  Here's your chance to experience the next pushbuttons without having to buy a whole new fight stick.

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$ 3.75