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HORI Hayabusa Joystick

Note:  This version joystick uses Omron switches, which are currently used in the joysticks today.  Previously, they used Panasonic switches in the original model, which for a limited time, we have a stock supply of.  The switch type is a matter of personal preference as we haven't received much feedback from users regarding performance differences

Now with 4 different colored balltops. Hori manufactured and branded.

Hori has been working hard on making their own proprietary parts for many years. The result:

  • The "Hayabusa" is a square gate Joystick Unit with the input load cut by 5%~15% in order to achieve faster and more precise inputs.
  • The "Hayabusa" Joystick Unit is smoother and more responsive compared to other joysticks in it's class
  • Choose between black, red, white, blue balltop color choices

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