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HORI Fighting Stick Alpha for the Sony PS5/4/PC [PACKAGE PROMO]


Officially PS5

Hori's next generation arcade stick is finally here.  The FS Alpha works with native Sony PS5 games and is also backwards compatible for the PS4 and works via X-Input with the PC.   Should developers make exclusive PS5, the FS Alpha is guaranteed to work

Years in Development

With the feedback from the community and arcade stick enthusiasts, Hori surprised the community by creating an arcade stick that is different from their previous signature designs.  In today's market, custom modding an arcade stick is the norm and with this, Hori ensured that basic artwork customization and parts mod are simple

Clamshell Design

Whether you're new to the modding market or a seasoned veteran, Hori made it simple to gain access to the most basic mods, such as swapping out your pushbuttons or joystick

Features and Specifications

  • Officially Licensed Sony Product
  • Compatible with PS5/4/PC (X-Input)
  • Hori Hayabusa Joystick and Pushbuttons (24 and 30mm)
  • Replaceable Top Panel Artwork
  • Clamshell Design for easy access

 Quick Link:

$ 199.95