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HORI Edge 201 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard [CLEARANCE]

When we first heard Hori was making a mechanical gaming keyboard, we were excited.  During this time, only a few companies made mechanical keyboards, but the difference was, outside of Logitech, most companies at the time were using Cherry Micro-Switches exclusively. 

Cherry micro-switches are great, given their wide range of sensitivity and feedback.  Hori has been taking a proprietary path with a number of the most recent products and decided to make their own micro-switch, which according to their tests, allow 25% faster actuation. 

Before the Edge 201 MGK was released, we were able to test and now have used this keyboard for the past few years, so we've put a lot of time into it.  Our thoughts? We simply love it.  The keys are responsive and immediate.  These Hori micro-switches don't resemble anything that Cherry offers as these are not silent by any means, and at the same time, not really clicky where you feel that notch at a certain point.  The audible is noticeable with each press, but fluid all the way through, but mostly, it's really responsive. 

Outside of the fact that it's precise and fast, the aluminum alloy construction gives it a premium feel and gives it a nice weight for better stability. 

The design of this keyboard, in our opinion is second to none.  It's absolutely gorgeous with or without the palm rest.  The brushed aluminum frame, blue led lights and super thin pushbutton profile separates it from the rest of the field in terms of having a more advanced, cutting edge look.

So is it worth to pick up and upgrade from your current keyboard? At Hori's $169.99 retail, we felt they were pricing themselves out of the market, even though against the competition, we feel the look, feel and build quality exceeds most out there.  So in our minds, we feel $129.99 is a steal for this level of craftsmanship and performance. 

But because we worked out something with Hori, we decided to bring these in for Black Friday and offer them at a simply ridiculous price point and include FREE SHIPPING (within the Continental US) at 50% off their MSRP. 

If you're looking for a keyboard and want a performer, we can assure you there's nothing better out there at this price point.  Happy Black Friday and hope you pick up one of these. 

For those who want the matching mouse for this, we also offer the Hori Edge 101 Optical Mouse at 50% off and that too is a performer.

Get the matching optical gaming mouse here: EDGE 101


  • Anti-Ghosting technology allows all keys to be activated simultaneously
  • Customizable user profiles can be switched on the fly
  • Removable palm rest for support and comfort
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Aluminum allow construction
  • Slim line keys raised above base for easy cleaning


Basic Spec: 109-key mechanical keyboard
Key Spec: Key Count: 109 keys
Key   Height: 19mm (0.75 in.)
Key   Stroke: 3.0 mm(0.12 in.)±0.2mm (0.008in.)
Actuation Force: 55g (1.94 oz.)±20g (0.70 oz.)
Rollover: N-Key / simultaneous 109 key   press compatible
Life Span (Keystrokes): 75,000,000
Polling Rate: 120 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz
Other Features: Macro functions, media   functions, backlighting
Product Dimension: 440mm (17.32 in.) x 190mm (7.48   in.) x 22mm (0.86 in.)
    (Dimension with wrist rest)
Product Weight: 950g (33.5 oz.)
Cable Length: 1.8m (70”)
Operating System: Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista

$ 169.99

$ 79.99