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Note: Not shown in these pics, but all Nobi tops have a small indentation on the top center of the knob.  This is not a defect, but part of the production process.  This area will be voided of some paint and may have a small bump.   Please note this before purchasing.  

Back in 2017 in one of our visits to the Seimitsu office one of the interesting topics that was brought up was to develop a different outside of the standard ball or battop.   The Maziora finish that is available for one of our Nobi limited edition tops was inspired by the custom car mod scene in Japan and through this discussion, we mentioned it would be pretty neat to made a gear knob from a car as another top for arcade sticks.  

Fast forward many years later, the Nobi Bullet Top was released and the first thing that came to our mind was the shape that resembles a gear knob.  Naturally, it would only make sense to add a bit of customization to replicate this.  

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$ 19.95