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AS SUMMER EXPO Product Release

July 9, 2022:  Titanium Battop (Burnt / Multi-Colored Finish) - One time production.  Limited quantities for online orders.  We will reserve 40 of these for our booth at EVO 2022

With our EX Gear line of products, particularly battops, we've explored various materials and finishes, such as plastic with a solid matte finish, clear as well as using aluminum with a matte and brushed finish

For quite some time, we've wanted to explore the use of Titanium as it is considered one of the more premium metals that provides a lustrous, stunning finish and heft in weight

Once you take hold of this battop, you'll immediately feel the quality and notice the lustrous finish that separates this from any other battop on the market


  • Limited One Time Production
  • Standard M6 Threading (Fits all of our joysticks that have a removable top)
  • Each are enclosed in custom tin

Quick Link:

$ 45.00