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EX GEAR Clear Dust Covers for SANWA DENSHI HORI and IST Joysticks

NOTE:  When making a selection, we indicated SHAFT COVER REQ'D which means you would need a shaft cover to snuggly fit the dust cover.  The others as noted, do not require a shaft cover

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Shafts Installed on Joysticks

Welcome our custom line up of dust covers for the Sanwa Denshi and for some models, IST levers (the version that does not require the shaft cover)

Bevel at another Level

What's unique about our dust covers compared to other custom ones out on the market?  We took the extra step and made sure it's beveled at the edges.  This extra detail truly adds a more finished and refined look

Size and Shaft Options

With different options for the size of the dust cover and whether you want to add a shaft to it to match, this will help you fine tune the look you want better

Sanwa Denshi and IST Compatible

Note that all of these will work with the Sanwa Denshi levers, however, the ones that require a shaft cover, you will have to provide this.  If you do not have a shaft cover to match, you can choose the variant that says "no shaft cover" as the size of the hole will fit snuggly around the joystick shaft. 

For IST compatibility, make sure to choose the version that says "no shaft."

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