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Elephant Masher Authentic Apron Made in Japan [AVAILABLE NOW]

The Masher Universe continues, this time with his own apron

Details Courtesy of Sanwa Denshi

Full-scale Sanwa Denshi apron with traditional sail apron with sulfur dyeing

Thick canvas made of Mikawa cotton is dyed with a sulfide dye that fades moderately.
Sulfur dyeing does not fade as much as indigo dyeing, but the more you use it, the more it fades.

It is a dyeing method that allows you to enjoy the change over time.

Two pockets are provided on the top for ease of use
The waist strap is slightly longer


  • Made in Japan
  • Thick canvas style using Mikawa cotton
  • Limited to only 100 Units Worldwide
  • Width: 47 cm Height: 64 cm
  • Single Limited Production (No more made after these sell out)

* Due to the characteristics of the fabric, there may be slight errors in size and color.
* Color fading and color transfer may occur. Please be careful when washing and storing

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$ 64.95