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The "American Type" Pushbutton 

Industrias Lorenzo (IL) is a pushbutton manufacturer from Spain.  These are the original high quality parts that were sourced by Happ in the 1990's to the early 2000's.  Happ later changed the quality of their parts and sourced them from another manufacturer which had inconsistent performance and quality

IL has kept their quality consistent from the beginning using premium plastics and Cherry Microswitches

The convex type pushbutton are the original pushbuttons used on American style arcade cabinets and later used in MAS (Multi Arcade System) arcade controllers

Long Stem 28mm

These are screw on long stem pushbuttons that require a lot of depth and are made for custom builds and American style arcade cabinets with at least a 3/4" panel thickness.  These pushbuttons will not work in Japanese style arcade sticks or cabinets.   We will have measurements and diagrams shortly

Arcade1Up Ready

For those who own a Arcade1Up cabinet, these are drop in replacement pushbuttons that will improve your gaming performance instantly.   We also offer these in the Concave style which is the original style pushbutton found in most cabinets in the late 1980's to the early 2000's

$ 3.45