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Welcome to COLORS - The Controller Customizer

Performed meticulously by our MADD MODDER's and LAYERS FGC Team

Watch the FULL Instructional Video Here

This is a project that we have been literally dreaming about for many years and for many years after that, working on it to turn into reality. 

Our goal with Colors Customization is simple.  This serves as your personal modder and allows you to make changes on the fly, in seconds, with virtually all of the parts we carry in our store.  With over 1400 different parts to choose from, the combinations pushbutton, balltop, lever colors are almost endless.  Add in custom art and EZ Mod Kits, well, you not only can make your stick look good, but make it perform to top notch specifications. 

With our large inventory parts, you would be hard pressed to find any modder, anywhere, in the world that could choose from such a large selection of goods.

You can choose between any of the stock arcade stick models we carry from Hori or Qanba to customize your lever (joystick), balltop or bat top, pushbuttons (30mm) or 24 (mm), dust, shaft cover, Phreakmod Link and even add an EZ Mod Kit with UFB installed (for qualifying models - a option will appear for this).  The cost of installation is already embedded into the "shell" controller pricing, so simply add the parts you want and check out.  That's it. Our modding and shipping team will do the rest. 

A software program wouldn't be anything without the staff backing it up.  For the past year, our Madd Modders and Layers Team have refined their processes to perform the cleanest mod inside and out as well as work efficiently to prepare themselves for large volume of mods if required.

We hope you enjoy this service and please let us know if you encounter any issues as we feel there's always room for improvement.


ARTWORK PREP (Do this first if you want custom artwork printed and applied - otherwise, proceed to step #1) - Real-time custom artwork preview will not be available in conjunction with your custom controller preview. 

Artwork Requirements:

  • USE OUR TEMPLATES linked below to ensure accurate printing and application.  If you don't your order will be delayed as we CANNOT accept any other template as we cannot print them properly
  • Maintain the resolution of at least 300dpi
  • Send your artwork as a FULLY LAYERED .PSD or .PDF

Custom Artwork for your control Panel Provided by LAYERS FGC.  If you would like your own custom artwork applied to your customized arcade stick, please download the appropriate template for the arcade stick and have this ready.  All the instructions are indicated in the template itself. You will then be add this artwork in step to combine with your customized arcade stick, which our Layers FGC team will print and professionally apply for you.

1) Choose the arcade controller "shell"  (this includes the stock pcb) that you would like to customize by clicking on the body of the case itself. Select the brand and model from the drop-down menu below.

2) Choose the parts you want customized by clicking on that part at any time. Once a part is selected, you can customize the parts through the drop-down menus. The indicator below will show you what part is currently selected (highlighted in red). Alternatively you can also click on the mini arcade stick icon to select the part to customize.

If you want all the buttons to be the same there an all 8-button option so you can change all eight buttons at the same time. To start all over, simply click on "reset" to start with a blank shell. 

3) You must choose all the components to complete the customization of the arcade stick, even if the default part is the same as what you want. For example, if you want to customize the HORI RAP N Hayabusa arcade controller, and you want to keep the Hori Hayabusa Lever, you must still choose that lever.

Here is a checklist of necessary parts

  • Base (Hori or Qanba Shell)
  • Balltop
  • Shaftcover & Dustcover (Choose the Appropriate Part)
  • x8 30mm Buttons
  • x1 24mm button (Available on Select models)
  • Joystick Lever

Optional add-ons

  • EZMOD Kit with Brook UFB - Makes your arcade stick universal (A check box will appear with qualifying models - Click on this box to add this upgrade)
  • Phreakmods The Link (Do not choose this option if you are choosing either the Seimitsu LS-40-01 or the LS-55-01).  For Hori or Sanwa Denshi levers, choose the Hori / Sanwa Denshi Phreakmod type.  For Seimitsu, LS-32 or LS-38 series, choose the LS-32.  For the LS-56, 58, 60 0r 62, choose the LS-56 Phreakmods Link
  • Layers FGC Custom Artwork Printing Service

Be sure to double check for accuracy.  Once you have placed the order, we will not be able to make changes once you have been charged

4) When you are done, click "ADD TO CART" to finalize your order

RETURNS or EXCHANGES:  For Colors Customized orders, there are NO refunds or exchanges.  We will test the fully customized arcade stick with each of it's parts, the joystick, pcb, pushbuttons to ensure full functionality

5) Shipping Times (After placing your Order)

A) WITHOUT Customized Art - Please Allow 3 Business Days

B) WITH Customized Art - Please Allow 7 - 10 Business Days

C) WITH EX Wraps - Please Allow 7 - 14 Business Days (we generally have most  materials in stock, but for some arcade sticks, the sizes are irregular so a larger sheet must be ordered)

Quick Link:


(Crown joystick add $ 4.95 for harness )
Info (+$ Installation Fee )
(+ to Add Your Custom Artwork )
Use these templates to create the artwork
Hori RAP 4 Kai Hori RAP N Pro Hori Fighting Edge Hori Fighting Edge (Extended)
Hori RAP VLX Qanba Crystal Qanba Obsidian Qanba Obsidian Noir
Qanba Obsidian (Hitbox) Qanba Dragon Sanwa Mono
(+ ONLY Applies if you are using Clear Pushbuttons )

$ 129.99

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EX Wrap: None
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