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Capcom vs. SNK Naomi Full Kit

Complete full, brand new kit of the Dream Match is here. Comes with Naomi hardware and Capcom vs. SNK software, with all artwork, manual, stickers and control panel overlay.

Complete kit (Everything is brand new, never used):

  • Naomi Motherboard
  • Capcom I/O Board
  • Capcom vs. SNK Cartridge (Can be interchanged with other games)
  • Manual for CvS
  • Naomi Service Manual
  • 2 sets of joysticks/buttons (10 buttons total)
  • Large marquee for CvS
  • Move stickers for CvS
  • Control Panel Overlay as seen in pic (Capcom logo gray overlay)
  • Capcom Silver Metallic Logo Stickers (2 pieces)
  • Monitor Bezel
  • AAMA Guide to Game Violence Ratings Poster



$ 1,499.99