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BROOK Zero PI Fighting Board [PI / PC / PS / PS2 / PS3 / Switch] VERSION 2

UPDATED (Version 2)

Terminal Board Added (see pic with black background)

Nintendo Switch Support Added

The Brook Zero Pi Fighting Board essentially competes with the Zero Delay board that has been widely used to control Raspberry Pi gaming setups

With known "delays" of the Zero Delay board, Brook set out to make a board that had little to no latency, which they have accomplished


  • Pi / PC / PS / PS2 / PS3 Compatibility [See Note Re: PS2 use]
  • 20-pin Connector [The 20-pin harness is required to make this board work as there's no terminal connector board]
  • USB Port to Connect to Neutrik USB Connector
  • Player LED Connector
  • L3/R3 Connector
  • Turbo Key / LED Connector

Recommended Accessories



While this board has functionality for PS2, the connectors for them are non-existent, which means you will need to have these soldered on.  Furthermore, custom PS2 and PS3 cables for these are normally not readily available for them

In a case like this, we suggest the more turn-key solution with the Brook Retro Board setup with an already existing eco-system of products that for the most part are plug and play.  All the connectors are pre-soldered on this board as well as a huge selection of custom cables made for most of the retro systems.  In the end, this would be a better route and would save a  lot of time

$ 24.95