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BROOK RETRO BOARD [NES | SNES | N64| GC | Xbox | DC | TG16 | PS1 | PS2 | PS3 | PC (X-Input)]

NOTE:  When you receive this, please update to the latest firmware update V1.5 to resolve issues with the X-Input and NES/SNES functionality.  

Brook Retro Board Firmware V1.5


After the huge launch and continued success of the Brook Universal Fighting Board, Brook asked us for recommendations on what new products they should focus on for the future.  Being a fan of old school, classic games, we initially recommended a series of Retro Super Converters, starting with the NEO•GEO AES, which we exclusively launched.   The PS3/4 to PS/PS2 Super Converter followed shortly thereafter as well as many others.  

Before the Brook Retro Board, there were other makers such as Akishop Customs and Toodles produced PCB's that covered some of the Retro systems, such as Xbox, PS, PS2, Dreamcast, NES.  For these retro systems, their boards did a great job allowing the user to build custom controllers for their favorite retro systems, however, the retro ecosystem was not complete

Why Brook Retro Board vs the competitors? 

  • Brook's customer service and support
  • The Systems that were not covered, Saturn,  PC-Engine, Game Cube
  • Bugs in coding for most of the systems that were unresolved
  • Complete Ecosystem of Accessories:  We have a cable for every system supported as well as other accessories to expand your
  • Dual-mod capability:  A controller that can control the modern as well as the Retro system, all in one chassis with a single output.  While dual modding was done prior, two separate jack outputs were required, which made the mods complicated and messy
  • Easy modding for single or dual mods with the Optimus Mods (for select controllers) and our Universal Modding Kit: Retro Board Edition
  • Brook has a large staff of programmers and support.  If a critical firmware update is needed to add or improve on features, it's going to be done and done correctly without bugs

Compatibility:   The Brook Retro Board was tested on official (unmodded) retro systems that are supported.  It's guaranteed to work on these systems.  Modded or customized hardware may or may not work, as many of those systems were produced after this board.  Brook has updated the firmware to work on some systems, such as the Mister, but for others, please expect that it will not work.  

For many years, we have been working closely with Brook on numerous projects.  The first was with Jasen's Customs on the Brook Universal Fighting Board, back in 2015.  On the immediate release of the Brook Universal Fighting Board, the response was tremendous as it was a break through with next generation systems, something that was once thought could not be accomplished.

Brook's Universal Fighting Board covered the PS3 - PS4 - Xbox 360 - Xbox One - PC - WIIU and Switch, which is a lot of systems.  This though, leaves the void for the older systems that Brook did not focus on.  For the past few years, we and Jasen's Customs have been working with Brook on developing just that. 

Key Features

Multi Retro Console Support

  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Super NES
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Microsoft Xbox (Original)
  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16
  • Sony Playstation
  • Sony Playstation 2
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Windows PC (Must be connected via RJ45 from the Retro Board to Neutrik RJ45 Ethercon Adapter - then from RJ45 to USB Cable) This will be displayed as a PS3 controller.  X-Input

Optional Console Cables

Dual Mod Support

  • Combine with the  Brook UFB in 2 different layout configuration - either side by side with the 20-pin Multiplier or the custom stacked version
  • Use a single cable out and toggle between the Brook UFB or the Brook Retro Board using variation button combinations.  With all other retro boards on the market, to combine with a Brook UFB requires either physical switch and/or a dual USB out, one for the UFB, one for the retro board, which requires more cost, more mod time and clutter inside
  • 20-pin Multiplier Kit for Dual Modding the Brook UFB and Retro Boards using a single output jack (the RJ45 cables are interchangeable for the system you choose)

Upgradeable Firmware

  • With Brook's amazing customer support, if an update is needed, it is easily done by following minimal steps

Effortless Installation

  • Continuing our philosophy, we made sure that installation for the Brook Retro is as easy as the Brook UFB by pre-soldering the main connectors beforehand, saving you time to work on other parts of your mod


  • When the Brook UFB was in production, the main thing we kept emphasizing was the response time.  A slow or high latency board to us and you the player, is no good and effects your gaming experience.  We want super low numbers, less latency (lag) and from our tests, how about zero lag?  It doesn't get any better than this

Optional Accessories

User Manual


While there are other boards on the market that offers retro system compatibility, the time it takes to do the mod install is well over and hour for seasoned modders.  For those who aren't as familiar, this could take over two hours.  To simply put it, that's too much in our opinion.   

Akishop's PS360+  board was the exception for easy installation, but ever since they ceased production back in 2015, there was a void that accomplished this feat. 

The initial planning stages for this board happened almost 2 years ago as we set the ball in motion.  We had many discussions with Brook and since we have worked on many other projects with Jasen's Customs over the years, this project was a combined effort between the three companies, Brook, Jasen's Customs and Arcadeshock. 

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