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BROOK PS5 Upgrade Kit UP5 for the Universal Fighting Board [AVAILABLE NOW]

09/08/2023:  Brook's new retail price on this is now $39.95

UPGRADE to Play Native PS5 Fighting Games

NOTE:  The UP5 upgrade is made specifically to work with Fighting Games only on the PS5.   Please be aware of this and if you're testing inputs on a PS5, ensure you have a fighting game installed

Download Firmware Update for Universal Fighting Board

The Universal Fighting Board Story

Back in 2016, Brook changed the custom modding game with it's release of the Universal Fighting Board.   When it was initially launched, it was compatible to work with only four systems, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.  The game changer with this PCB was that there was no 8-minute time outs with the PS4, which had been the biggest hurdle up to that point

Fast forward to today, the Brook UFB covers eleven different systems and PC.  Then there's the PS5

PS5 Upgrade Kit

Brook has been cranking on all cylinders to try to squeeze the PS5 compatibility to the Brook UFB via firmware update.  This wasn't possible they discovered, but the good news is, they were able to produce a simple add-on PCB that would allow the UFB to be upgraded with the PS5 compatibility

Pre-Soldered Brook Universal Fighting Board Ready

For those who purchased a Brook Universal Fighting Board from us or one of the other retailers, the connector at the J2 location may or may not be present depending on when you purchased your Universal Fighting Board. Simply check at the J2 position (noted on the Universal Fighting Board) if the connector is present or not.  If not, you will have to solder the supplied 5-pin JST connector to this location

Using the supplied 5-pin JST terminated cables, connect one end to the J2 position on the Brook Universal Fighting Board and to the J3 position on the PS5 Upgrade PCB 

Using the second supplied cable, which on one end has the 2-pin JST connector, plug one end to the J1 position on the PS5 upgrade PCB.   The other end of this cable will be bare wire (as shown in the pic).  The black wire will inserted into the GND in the Universal Fighting Board's terminal block, while the red cable will connect to the VCC_5V (may just indicate 5V for the older UFB's)

After this installation is complete, a firmware update (choose Universal Fighting Board) will need to be performed to confirm the PS5 compatibility

What's Included

  • Brook PS5 Upgrade PCB (the small wafer PCB as shown - The Brook Universal Fighting Board is NOT included with this purchase.  The picture shown is for connectivity example purposes only)
  • 5-pin JST Harness x 1
  • 2-pin JST Harness with bare wire on other end x 1
  • 5-pin JST Connector (This needs to be soldered on if you do not have a connector at the J2 position on the Brook UFB already)

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$ 59.95

$ 39.95