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Brook is following up their PS3/4 Fighting Board with Audio and now adding Wireless capability to it, which is the only difference.  This board also allows wired capability (with the use of a USB Type A to B cable) should you need to use it for various tournaments that may not allow the wireless capability



  • PS3 / PS4 / Switch / PC (X-Input) Compatibility
  • 3DVR Support
  • Wireless / Wired Function
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack (PS4 Mode)
  • SOCD Cleaner
  • Touchpad Support
  • Turbo Function
  • Firmware Updates Available as released

Required and Optional Accessories

How to wireless pair to each system

  • Hold down LP or 1P for PS3 Mode, then plug in USB cable
  • Hold down MP is PS4 Mode, then plug in USB cable
  • Hold down LK is Switch Mode, then plug in USB cable
  • Unplug the USB cable, press "PS" and you're good to go

Please check out Jonyfraze's thorough video review complete with install guide and latency testing here:

Update Courtesy of Jonyfraze 08/28/2019:

The WFB works as a wireless pc controller without the need for a PS4 dongle. Hold down PS + HOME for 3-5 seconds while your PC’s BT is set to searching to connect. Note that it’s not X-Input and may not be supported by all games

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