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It's official.  It only took 8 more years before Arcadeshock decided to release another official tee and it can't come at a better time.   Unique and kick arse design by Dave Silverio pushed the time line up to finally get more Arcadeshock apparel out there.  This will be available here AND at for flexibility of grouping your purchase together.  


  • Printed in the USA
  • Original design by Dave Silverio - Hibachifinal
  • Thick and Comfortable pull-over hoodie
  • Front Image: Customized ARCADESHOCK Logo
  • Back Image: Classic Arcadeshock Logo

You can also purchase the matching t-shirt HERE.

Pre-order now to save.  Price goes up on official launch date

Ships mid-late July

Available on-site at EVO 2016

$ 55.00

$ 45.00