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ARCADESHOCK Wooden Coasters by Bueno Woodworking

Serve up those drinks with premium quality wooden coasters produced for us by Bueno Woodworking

Description of the coasters by Bueno Woodworking:

"The coasters have a walnut body with two different varieties of inlays, wood and dyed epoxy.  The species used for the wooden inlays are maple and yellow heart. Once finished maple has a very light brown or cream color and yellowheart is pale to golden yellow. The wooden pieces are individually glued into the walnut body.  The other variant uses mica powders to add pigments to epoxy.  After mixing the epoxy and pigments, it is then poured into the walnut coaster body and left to dry."

3 Types (All using real walnut body)

There are three different types of these coasters

  • Walnut / Maple
  • Walnut / Yellow Heart
  • Walnut / Epoxy

Mark Bueno is also responsible for producing the incredible pushbutton, joystick and arcade stick display cases for our physical storefront

Watch the video of how much love goes into making each one of these

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$ 16.00