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8BitDo Arcade Stick for Switch and Windows [FGC PROMO]

NOTE:  To mod this arcade stick, the screws will require a Torx T10 wrench or screw driver.  We offer this as an accessory addition here so please add this to your cart if you plan on modifying this in the future

As far as arcade sticks go, there aren't too many for the Switch.   8BitDo put in some work with their latest arcade stick by designing it to match the classic look of the Nintendo Entertainment System

Furthermore, in today's market, one of the key features that attracts many buyers is whether the arcade stick is easily moddable, which they accomplished as well.  While the parts are clones of the most popular and widely used Sanwa Denshi parts, replacing them, should you prefer more accurate inputs and response, will be easy


  • Compatible with Switch and Windows
  • Customizable button mapping and macros
  • Universal Mounting Plate included allows you to easily mod different joysticks
  • Use the arcade stick with wired or wireless operation (2.4 GHz dongle included)

Tools Required:  To open up the bottom panel, a Torx Bit T10 is required

Joystick Swap:  If you are planning on upgrading the joystick, make sure to add the EX Gear Joystick Harness (shown as an add-on accessory) as this will save you a lot of time from making your own custom cable

Pushbutton Options:  Only snap-in pushbuttons will work with this controller.  There isn't enough space in between them to allow the nut on the screw-on buttons to fit

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$ 84.99