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4-Pin L3 / R3 / Touchpad Harness Cable for Brook UFB/PS4 [.187 Female Connectors]

NOTE:  This is compatible with pins that have the .187.  We made this cable specifically to work with the IL (Industrias Lorenzo) pushbuttons

This 4-pin harness cable connects to the L3 / R3 / Touchpad portion found in the Brook Universal Fighting Board or the latest Brook Fighting Board for PS4 w/Audio (Version 2 - with Type B USB).  The .110 female connectors then connect to most Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu or Hori pushbutton to activate the functionality. 

Note that the touchpad feature (via touch motion) only works on the Brook Fighting Board for PS4 with Audio (Version 2 or 2017).  For Brook's Universal Fighting Board, the touchpad feature does work but only with the click functionality. 

$ 3.75