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SEIMITSU LS-33 or LS-33-01 Kai Joystick (Compact Lever) [AS Exclusive]


Seimitsu's LS-33 was originally released as a fastener type (.187), specifically used in smaller Japanese arcade cabinets.  Up until this point and even now, this lever is the most compact that they offer. 

In the few meetings we had with Seimitsu, we asked if they can remake this model as there has been some interest from Seimitsu fans.  One of the reasons? 

Because of it's compact size (height-wise), this would of course allow one to make a compact controller or fit one an existing compact arcade stick, i.e. HORI NEO•GEO controller or one with limited space heigh-wise

The LS-33 Kai is now available in both the fastener and for the first time, the -01 version with the 5-pin connector

Why Kai and not the original name? All parts used in the LS-33 Kai and LS-33-01 Kai are identical to the original, except for one piece, the plastic base.  Seimitsu decided to use the base from the current LS-55-01 model as the mold for the original base was no longer available.  The difference?  The height is slightly higher on the Kai version due to the plastic base height

Overall, this new Kai version does what it's set out to do:  Be the most compact joystick that Seimitsu offers in their lineup and for some custom mods where every millimeter matters, this is quite important

Size:  The most compact in Seimitsu's lineup

Spring Tension:  Very light


Fastener Type (Generally used in arcade cabs - stock levers in commercial arcade sticks such as Hori, Qanba, Sanwa Denshi, Mad Catz, Razer use 5-pin so do not choose this if you are replacing a lever in one of these sticks)

5-pin  Use in most commercial grade arcade sticks from Hori, Qanba, Sanwa Denshi, Mad Catz, Razer

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  • LS-33 Joystick
  • Dust and Shaft Cover
  • Black Seimitsu Balltop
  • Does NOT include 5-pin harness





$ 21.95