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SANWA DENSHI x Arcadeshock Balltop or Pushbutton [CHOOSE]

With our ongoing partnership with Sanwa Denshi Co., Ltd. we were able to do a limited run of custom Arcadeshock parts from Sanwa Denshi's official products.

For the first time, we're offering Sanwa Denshi balltops and pushbuttons with the Arcadeshock logo on them. These are extremely limited and a nice touch to show your support for our brand. 

Choose between the balltop (LB-35-CW-AS) or the pushbutton (OBSF-30-AS).   These were printed with the highest quality method in the industry.  A gloss coat is layered over the colored print to ensure long lasting image quality.  The printing process is the same method used on the Street Fighter character pushbuttons found exclusively on our website. 

$ 12.00