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Custom Artwork Pushbutton Print Service Now Available
  • Make your own custom pushbuttons
  • Premium Quality Print with Protective Coating
  • Price for each custom print is $17, so please make sure the quantity of the custom print matches the quantity of the pushbutton itself.  If this is less, we will only print what you checked out with
  • Allow one week for your custom order to be completed

Metallic painted 30mm pushbuttons by Sanwa Denshi.  

Initially released in small batches at EVO 2016, this is the official launch of their metallic series parts.  These are 30mm in size and will fit stock Qanba, Hori and Mad Catz fight sticks for the main "play" pushbuttons. 

Complement with the

Matching 24mm Metallic Pushbuttons

Matching 35mm Metallic Balltops

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Please note the side tabs that hold the snap-in pushbuttons in can break over time or break in a shorter period of time if the hole you're inserting them into is tight.  It's inevitable over time, this will happen and has been the case since they were manufactured.  This goes for pretty much all snap-in pushbuttons from all manufacturers.  We will not be able to replace the pushbutton in cases like this


$ 4.85