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Limited Edition FS Transporter ARCADESHOCK Classic PRO•GEAR Edition fight stick bag.  Only 50 units will be made available for purchase.  The quality and features of this bag is identical to the SPLITFRAME Blackout and EVO Edition bags

Signature Style

If you look at what's available on the market going all the way back to the early 2000's, all the "fight stick" bag designs out there were designed based on what we've seen all these years, also known as the backpack.  When we started designing our bag, the first thing we agreed on what to make something that not only looks good, but signifies what a controller bag is and not something that would be mistaken for a back pack.

With multiple proposed shapes in the initial design phase, the simple lines of a rectangular design was what brings the unique look that stands out from the conventional back pack design.   A cross between a backpack with it's back straps with the shape of a carry on luggage.  A design that is simply not mistakable for your everyday back pack. 

Side Loading Design vs Top Loading

The second was how easy it was to put in and take out your fight stick, in common situations (tournament time), but also times that require quick and easy access, such as thru the security check at the airport. 

Weight Balanced Technology

Additionally, a standard back pack design cannot protect your arcade stick in harsher conditions.  The last issue was that of weight distribution in a typical back pack, as a typical back pack has no support and droops when you put something heavy in it, which then pulls you in every direction when you move around.

Our solution? We made a bag that is as flat to your back as much as possible, which is now like part of your back and not something that is in addition to it.  Add more rigid padding from top to bottom, you now have the perfect companion to carry your items without feeling that you're doing so, which is what we call Weight Balanced Technology.  It's something that sounds good on paper, but is an immediate experience and surprise once you put this on with any heavy arcade stick.  It's that good.

Evolved and Refined

With the previous Blackout bag, which was construction primarily out of Tarpulin (or known as tarp), which has the advantage of being water repellent and durable.   The finish was also unique, especially for a bag.  The downside was the weight as the bag was a tad heavy.  With the Blackout Special Edition, SPLITFRAME went back to selecting a material that carried the same qualities as tarpulin, but extremely light weight. 

This has been achieved by using a fabric that is weaved diagonally to become extremely durable and treated with 686's Infidry technology to be water repellent.

 Features / Upgrades

    • Signature Side Loading for Easy Loading and Unloading of Controller
    • Weight Balanced Tech with the Straight Back and Ultra Cushion Support for the Back and Shoulders
    • Durable Lightweight Fabric Using DWR / Infidry Technology (Water Resistant)
    • Fully embroidered ARCADESHOCK PRO•GEAR Classic Logo design by Hibachifinal
    • Thick Adjustable Interchangeable Inner Padding (Adjust to the size of your controller)
    • Premium Big and Hefty #10 YKK Zippers
    • Waterproof Front Zipper
    • Shape Retention - Stiff top and bottom support so the bag does not sag
    • Fits some of the widest controllers out there such as the Hori Fighting Edge, Qanba Dragon, Qanba Obsidian (OG) and 2

    $ 129.98

    $ 119.98