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Custom Artwork Pushbutton Print Service Now Available
  • Make your own custom pushbuttons
  • Premium Quality Print with Protective Coating
  • Price for each custom print is $17, so please make sure the quantity of the custom print matches the quantity of the pushbutton itself.  If this is less, we will only print what you checked out with
  • Allow one week for your custom order to be completed

ARCADESHOCK EXCLUSIVE and Limited Edition Colors

  • K / DH - Black / Dark Hai
  • Dark Hai (Grey)
  • Pink (ARCADESHOCK Exclusive)
  • Grey Violet (ARCADESHOCK Exclusive)

New (old stock) color variant:  Dark Hai (all grey) - These were made specifically for Hori many years ago for their arcade sticks when they used Sanwa Denshi parts in their SA line.  Not a big deal as it's a new color, but pretty neat that these are around and whatever is left, is left.  No more will be made

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Sanwa Pushbuttons (24mm Size) NORMALLY used for the START/SELECT on the Hori Sticks.  If you want the PLAY buttons get the larger 30mm size.

$ 2.35