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Qanba's Pearl Arcade Stick was an instant hit once it was released.   Qanba had released their Obsidian, which is the black variant with the Vewlix button style layout three years prior, which at the time, was the best selling arcade stick for Sony's PS3/4.  The Pearl, is essentially the same guts, except it sported a white body and used the NOIR button layout  

With the Pearl's white body, we're able to do some custom mods that really make it stand out.   Before Qanba discontinued the Pearl, which was around June of 2023, we picked up pretty much whatever they had left over as we wanted to do some custom mods of our own with the specialized parts we had made for them  

So to send off Qanba's Pearl, we wanted to do a mix of black and white accessories to really make this stand out.  Check out the list of custom parts used to create the Pearl Domino Effect

System Compatibility

  • Officially Licensed for Sony's PS3/4 and PS5
  • PC (X-Input)

Check Out the Parts Used in this Build

  • Real Carbon Fiber 3mm Top Panel (Choose Vewlix or Noir Layout)
  • Custom Painted Matte Side Panel and Front Trim Kit in Black
  • Sanwa Denshi White Body / Black Cap Pushbuttons
  • Sanwa Denshi JLF with Custom Titanium Pivot
  • Seimitsu Solid White Nobi Bullet Top
  • Solid White Dust and Shaft Cover


$ 469.99