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QANBA Obsidian 2 Arcade Stick PS4/5/PC [CHOOSE OPTION]

For the PS5 generation of licensed arcade sticks for Qanba, the Obsidian 2 serves as their new flagship controller.  At first glance, the Obsidian 2 looks similar to the original PS4 Obsidian, however with further inspection, Qanba added some neat upgrades

Refined and Defined

First off, Qanba decided to go all black with their Obsidian 2.  While the former silver side panels of the original Obsidian provided some contrast, there's just something about an all black controller that really make it an eye catcher

Qanba further utilized the side panels to include some space for spare parts.   To access this, the side panels can be removed from two thumb screws.  Qanba also included their new custom Prizm battop located in the hidden side compartment 

For the control panel, the Obsidian 2 is completely rectangular, which we think for custom artwork would work better as there's more space to work with as well as being more uniform

The control panel layout remains the same for the Obsidian 2 as Qanba went with the traditional Vewlix.   You can already guess that future layouts will be available from us, so if Vewlix isn't your preference, help will be on the way in the upcoming months


  • Officially Licensed Sony PS5 Product
  • PS4/PS5/PC Compatible
  • Sanwa Denshi Joystick and Pushbuttons
  • Prizm Battop Included
  • 3.5mm Microphone Input
  • Touchpad
  • Tournament Lock Switch
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Bottom Padding
  • Weight 7.39 lbs
  • Dimensions 19.1 x 10.2 x 4.6" (Inches)


$ 299.98