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HORI Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Breaking Back [Choose Type]

The Breaking Back design by Motoki Yoshihara has been one of the most recognizable illustrations for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Choose between a full body wrap by Layers FGC for the Hori Fighting Edge (full controller with wrap) or just an underprint artwork plexi (if you have an existing Hori Fighting Edge)


  • Illustration / Inks by Motoki Yoshihara
  • Colors by Danimation (for this version)
  • Full Build Controller Artwork Wrap - Joystick - Hori Hayabusa, Pushbuttons - All Sanwa Denshi OBSF 24 and 30mm (Limited to 10 Units Worldwide)
  • Or add just the underprint plexi (for top panel replacement - if you currently own a Fighting Edge or plan on getting one) The image of the top plexi artwork is installed on the Hori Fighting Edge.  This purchase is just for the artwork, not the full build (therefore, the much lower price)

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$ 38.00