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OPTIMUS MOD KIT for HORI RAP N (Plug and Play Kit for Brook Fighting Boards)

Update:  October 13, 2023 - These work with the Brook UFB Fusion boards.   Pre-assembled kits are now available as well

Note:  This Optimus Mod kit only works for the PS4 version of the HRAP N, which also includes the Tekken 7 model.  This does not work for Xbox versions

OPTIMUS - The shortest path isn't the fastest, the fastest path is the shortest, it's a law of the universe, optimized

Designed and engineered in-house by Angry Goat exclusively for ARCADE SHOCK

A New Generation

Before there was OPTIMUS MODs, we had partnered up with Jasens Customs for a series of EZ MOD Kits for a variety of arcade controllers.  To this day, these kits work well and we still offer them.  The EZ MOD architecture was made for the latest technology at the time and the Brook Retro Board was not available at the time and some of the functions on certain controllers were not fully optimized

What is an OPTIMUS MOD?

OPTIMUS MODs are our solution to the easiest possible pcb modding using the Brook Fighting Board PCB's which are considered the fastest on the market. This is the next generation of easy modding kits.  Each OPTIMUS MOD is system specific, which means it's optimized to fit, work and provide the shortest modding time possible for each controller

Mod Like a Pro in a short period of time

To integrate a Brook Fighting Board PCB into commercial arcade sticks is a challenge, even for the most seasoned modders.  This requires not only an understanding of the physical and signal directional properties, but also the time requirement of making custom cables and planning board placement.   What the Optimus accomplishes is cutting down your modding time from 5 hours or more down to under an hour

OPTIMUS MOD capabilities

  • Optimize function capabilities of your controller (Maximizes what the Brook UFB and/or Retro Board's capabilities)
  • Built-in SOCD Cleaner for the Brook Retro Board
  • Choose your PCB - Compatible with the Brook UFB, Brook Wireless (needs minor adjustment), Brook Fighting Board Plus, Brook Retro Board
  • Single Modding- Mod Easy with any one of the boards above
  • Dual Modding - Mod Easy with the ultimate setup.  Choose a current/next generation Brook Fighting Board and combine it with the Brook Retro Board for gaming across many generations


For the Retro Mod, you will need to have a Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 Module installed.  Be sure to pick one of these up with the Neutrik Gasket and the associated Retro Custom cables for the system of your choosing.  Also be aware that if you'd like to update the Retro Board with future firmware updates, the RJ45 to USB cable is required

CHOOSE YOUR CONFIGURATION (Please read the details before making your purchase)

Brook PCB compatibility:  The stock Brook Universal Fighting Board with pre-soldered connectors and the Brook Retro Board that we offer in our store as well as the Brook Retro Board will work in this setup, either in a single or dual mod format

  • Use your own Brook UFB with pre-soldered connectors - CHOOSE OPTIMUS Kit only (Includes cables for both single and dual mod)
  • OPTIMUS Kit + Brook Universal Fighting Board with pre-soldered connectors.  Purchase this to save some money on the bundle
  • OPTIMUS Kit + Brook Universal Fighting Board with customized connectors (Choose this if you plan on dual modding with a Retro Board in the future, but want to do just a single mod for now)
  • OPTIMUS Kit + Brook Retro Board Kit (Choose this if you want to single mod to use on Retro Systems)
  • OPTIMUS Kit with Brook UFB + Retro Board Kit (Choose this if you want the ultimate controller that will allow you to play on the modern and retro system)
  • IMPORTANT REQUIRED ACCESSORY (if you don't have one already) 20-pin Harness.  Why is this not included?  We have sold over ten thousand of these harnesses over the years and it's possible that you may already have one and not need to purchase another one

DOWNLOAD MANUAL for Optimus Mod for the HRAP N

$ 164.95

$ 139.95