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EZ Mod for Razer Panthera w/ Brook UFB FUSION Kit (w/ soldered headers)

Installation Video by Jasen's Customs

Installation Guide for EZ Mod for Razer Panthera

Note:   At the current moment, these are only available as a full kit with the Brook UFB FUSION (PS5 for Fighting Games Only). 

This package will allow Razer Panthera owners to upgrade their fight stick to universal status, which means that you will be able to play on

Systems Supported

PS5/PS4/PS3/PC/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Wii U/Switch/NEOGEOMini/PSOneClassic

Tools Required

  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • Scissors or Flush Cutters
  • Wire Stripping tool


Verify you have everything in your kit before starting. You should have the following:

1. 1x EZ MOD Board
2. 1x Brook UFB FUSION (with PS5 Compatibility for Fighting Games only) with connectors pre-soldered to the BOTTOM of the board.
3. 8x Rubber/Neoprene washers
4. 8x 4-40 screws
5. 4x 4-40 threaded 15/32” female-female stand offs
6. 2x 5 pin interconnect wires
7. 1x 4 pin interconnect wire

NOTE: This includes the Brook Universal Fighting Board with the soldered headers on the UFB Fusion.  All you will need to do is remove your existing PCB and using all the cables provided, just plug an play.

Brook UFB

Key Features 

  • True Multi-Console Support (No 8 Minute timeout on PS4) Now Also PS5 (for Fighting Games only)
  • Auto System Detection
  • Fully upgradeable by end user when firmware updates are required
  • XINPUT mode for games that require it
  • Turbo Support
  • Built-in SOCD Cleaner
  • Common Form Factor

Why spend $300 on a new stick when you can upgrade your existing for less and get more out of it?!

The Jasen's Customs EZ MOD for the Panthera works with XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, and PS4 and now, PS5 (For Fighting Games ONLY).   This makes the Brook Universal Fighting Board a snap to install! The convenient design allows it to be installed in the stock PCB location and requires no modification to the stock internal wiring of the stick. The only technical requirement is the necessity to cut the USB wires from the stock board. After that, its all plug and play!

$ 169.99

$ 149.98