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EZ Mod for Qanba OBSIDIAN / PEARL w/ Brook Universal Fighting Board Kit (w/soldered headers)

P5 Upgrade:  This EZ Mod is compatible with Brook's UP5 Upgrade Kit.  When the UP5 is available again, it will appear as a recommended add-on accessory or you can purchase it from the direct link

The time to transform your Qanba Obsidian into the fastest arcade stick on the market is near.  To say the least, developing an easy solution to create the core philosophy of the EZ Mod series was a difficult task, but at every turn when a hurdle was met, our goal was definite and failure was not an option

2018 for us here at as well as one of our partners, believe in one goal:  Bringing game changing FGC gear that saves time and makes noticeable difference in literally that, the game itself

Product Details

This package will allow Qanba Obsidian owners to upgrade their fight stick to universal status, which means that you will be able to play on PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox 360/Xbox One/Wii U/Switch/NEOGEOMini/PSOneClassic AND just as important if not more vital for those professional players, will transform your arcade stick to the fastest performing (lowest latency) on the market (tested and confirmed with PS4).

You will need to do is remove your existing PCB and using all the cables provided, just plug an play into the EZ MOD. This will require cutting the USB Cable from the stock board and connecting it to the screw terminals on the board.

Includes: EZ MOD Board, Interconnect Cables, and pre-soldered connectors on Brook Universal Fighting Board

Brook UFB (With Soldered Headers Included) - Not Pictured

Key Features

  • True Multi-Console Support (No 8 Minute timeout on PS4)
  • Auto System Detection
  • Fully upgradeable by end user when firmware updates are required
  • XINPUT mode for games that require it
  • Turbo Support
  • Built-in SOCD Cleaner
  • Common Form Factor

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Next generation support is achievable with basic know how with little (for the joystick USB cable - minimal soldering or you can use a Neutrik in combination with USB A to B and A to A cable) to no soldering involved. Simply replace the PCB in your current fight stick with this board and you are on your way to all system compatibility.

$ 144.98

$ 132.98