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EVO x Sanwa Denshi Pushbuttons

The officially licensed "EVO" pushbutton is the most sought after and collectible EVO product.  Each of these buttons are designed to capture the premium aspect of FGC parts itself as well as capturing the street culture in today's latest trends

For 2022, this is a unique year.  After 3 years of absence from EVO, we've returned with 4 different pushbutton styles (6 if you count the buttons that add the year to them)

At our EVO 2022 booth, we only offered these pushbuttons in 4 choices.  The Camo, Elephant Skin, the Premium Metallic Blue and Red pushbuttons.  These Premium Metallic Blue and Red pushbuttons with the year printed were not released at EVO, so these are an online exclusive.  The balltops with the "2020" year were also not offered onsite

Of course, EVO 2020 didn't happen, so these are limited unreleased EVO parts and are the most limited in terms of quantity since EVO 2015 (these were the most limited at 100 units total)




$ 17.00