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In our last meeting with Seimitsu back in February 2020, they had mentioned 2020 and 2021 would be the start of exciting new products to come

Following up with their LS-32-01 40th Anniversary Edition joystick, Seimitsu collaborates with Japan's top rankedTekken Player, Nobi (Daichi Nakayama) to produce a new joystick that is supervised and tweaked towards Nobi's play style

Standard and Pro Models Available

Seimitsu doesn't expect everyone to have the unique upgrades and features in Nobi's PRO Model, so they also made a 'Standard' model that they feel suits the play style of most Tekken players

Unique Grip (Racing Gear Inspired)

For many years, Seimitsu has been intrigued with the customizations found in race cars.  A few years back, we had a discussion to develop a special balltop with a paint that is produced exclusively in Japan called the Majora which under a fixed position looks like dark grey, but as the object is moved, produces an iridescent (rainbow) effect

They didn't go to the extent of using this custom paint as it is quite costly, but they did move forward with what they wanted to do for a while which was to make a unique grip that is shaped similar to that of a race car gear shift knob.   Not only does this look good, but considering the active and constant use of a normal gear shift knob for racing drivers, this seems suitable for the constant use in a fighting game lever as well

Professional Model Specs

  • Special Custom Paint
  • Fixed Shaft / Lever (does not rotate)
  • Custom Spring (Stiffer)
  • Custom Octo-Square Gate

From Seimitsu's Spec Sheet


A joystick used by and designed with input from pro-player“Nobi”. It is equipped with a higher tension spring and is fitted with a special octagonal restrictor gate.  It is designed with a new unique lever grip shape called the “BULLET” and uses a proprietary lever shaft. The PRO model will have a green color code branding and packaging.


Joystick based on the PRO model, similarly designed within put from pro-player“ Nobi”. Just like the PRO model, it is equipped with the “BULLET”grip and proprietary shaft. It uses softer tension spring and is equipped instead with a redesigned square restrictor gate. The STD model with have a red color code branding and packaging.

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